Joyce Gunn Cairns

"Joyce shows how closely allied to feeling true drawing can be." Duncan MacMillan, The Scotsman, Oct 2004

“Joyce, your work is its own meaning, no matter how behind the modern curve you think it is. There’s a sorrow in it, yes, but there’s also a collossal pity and understanding of not only the human condition, but of the creatures we share the planet with, however briefly.”

- Richard Holloway


"Exquisite, Joyce, exquisite. Such fine, fine work."

 - Simon Callow"


Joyce Gunn Cairns works with care and intensity. She knows what a risk every line is and she makes it. As you sit for her, you can feel the energy and the concentration and the knowledge that there is nothing more important than getting this right."

- Colm Toibin


Lockdown 2020/21

"My line never illustrates. It is the sensation of its own realisation. It is like having an experience rather than making a picture" 

Cy Twombly, 1957

"Transience is the basic condition of life. Nothing can be possessed...... dissolving is the same thing as living. To dissolve is the heart of beauty and the heart of life."                

Alan Watts

".. Creativity has one of its roots in that disconnection between prevailing attitudes and the reality of the maker's life. That dissonance .. is the grit in the soul that becomes the pearl of great price: wonderful art"

Richard Holloway 2012