Smithy Gallery, with Henry Jabbour. 3-24 November 2019

The Scottish National Portrait Library, drawing of Professor David DaichesĀ and Edwin MorganĀ 

Summer exhibitions 2018:

Union gallery

Smithy Gallery

Fletchergate Gallery, Nottingham
Fotheringham Gallery
Gateway Gallery, Hale,
Sproson Gallery, St Andrews
Edinburgh Drawing School, October 2018

Exhibitions 2019:

Union Gallery, with Alasdair Gray

Scottish Poetry Gallery

Smithy Gallery, with Henry Jabbour

  • Die Witwe

  • Virginia Woolf

    Virginia Woolf, included in exhibition in Murray Edward College, Cambridge. Curatred by Julie Lawson, Chief Curator, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

  • Royal College of Surgeons . Drawings young man who died ca 1800. His disfigured head is preserved in a glass jar.

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